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Andrei is an art director and letterer working at Graffiti BBDO Bucharest.

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.

Andrei is a known ‘type marauder’, roaming lands spreading from Spain to Runcu […] brushstroke scents indicate that the culprit might have been around prior to your arrival. Type on walls or various surrounding objects, left on notes or hidden behind corners are also certifiable signs that now you are not safe anymore.

Xavier Bourdil
"What is striking on Andrei's work at first sight is his high sense of composition. Every colour, every typo, every element is in its right place - which gives to his designs this straight and efficient feeling. Professionally and personally speaking, definitively a great person to work with."

Nikolay Vanchev
"As an Eastern Europe resident, it's great pleasure to see a fellow neighbor doing so well. We are all used to see good work coming from countries like Sweden, UK, Spain, Brazil etc and when somebody from the post-socialism area is displaying work at the same level of quality, it's really something that you should pay attention to. Andrei's work got the modernity we all need, connected with the local aesthetics and visual language. With his typical, yet unique illustrative style he's a must sign."